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Training Sector

Discover a world of endless learning opportunities with our online platform, offering access to thousands of workshops and online classrooms. Whether you're seeking to develop new skills, expand your knowledge, or explore your passions, our platform provides a diverse range of educational resources to suit every interest and learning style.

Building Rapport

Through rapport building and effective communication, I established a strong connection with a client, enabling me to guide and educate them on the step-by-step process of creating their dream website. By fostering a supportive relationship and breaking down complex concepts into understandable terms, I empowered the client to envision and participate in the realization of their website aspirations.

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Market analysis and design

Conducting thorough market analysis on online course platforms, I equipped myself with valuable insights that allowed me to guide the client in making informed decisions about their own platform. By leveraging this market knowledge, I then generated innovative design ideas tailored to their unique goals, ensuring a strategic and visually appealing solution.



Through consistent and open communication with the client, we maintained a strong collaborative relationship throughout the project. By applying UX research, information architecture, wireframing, prototyping, and visual design techniques, I seamlessly integrated their requirements with user-centric design principles, ensuring the website catered to the needs of its users while exceeding the client's expectations. The successful delivery of the website resulted in a happy and satisfied client, showcasing the effectiveness of our communication and the quality of the user-centric design solution.

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